A Sofa King Fun Internship!

SKC Group Internship

Finding a job out of college is probably the most challenging thing for any recent graduate. After filling out numerous job applications and going on several job interviews, I found Sofa King Creative Group through a local job board.

Walking through the doors of Sofa King Creative I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was slightly nervous and wishing the best for the interview. Walking out of the elevator doors I was greeted with a gorgeous view of the city and welcomed by some friendly faces.

Within the next couple of days after meeting, Director of Operations Kayse Cadena, she sent me an email saying Welcome to The Sofa King Creative Family. I was delighted to finally receive a job offer and was thankful that I got the position of Marketing Intern.

During my time as an Intern, I learned a lot about Social Media Marketing and the ever-changing work environment that Sofa King has to offer. Sofa King Creative is a humble and welcoming organization, much like the ones I have worked for in the past, yet they offer something many other companies do not.  Unlike most brand marketing companies, Sofa King Creative welcomes you to explore all your thoughts and desires. Imagination is highly encouraged. They will never put down your idea but rather help you to shape it into something magical.

From the start to the end of my internship I was given tasks such as, planning and scheduling content to send out for various clients. Getting to know each one of our clients individually was a thrilling experience and crucial to my position.

Through the internship, I got to experience many once in a lifetime opportunities like getting to jump out of an airplane from 12,000 feet, hitting the streets in a one of a kind slingshot, taking flight in a helicopter, and getting to dine at one of the best sushi restaurants in town.

The family, here at Sofa King, is committed to your growth and success. The internship is a ten-week long program, through which we have employed 12 employees and are continuing to grow. We look for new interns every six weeks and are always looking for fresh faces to join our team.

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